Very excited to have submitted to the Zeitgeist Open Exhibition 2013...

...with 'Arrest 10'

Arrest 10
42cm x 32cm
Acrylic, Collage and Aerosol on Canvas

and the following accompanying statement:

I am interested in reflecting feelings of urban tension and confrontation. I am particularly drawn towards the fleeting moments before the human brain's ability to process the flight or fight reaction.
To create this in my paintings I use still shots of post war British Police sourced from TV documentaries based on British culture. The imagery is digitally processed several times and collaged. These layers will lie next to and underneath fields of colour which are punctuated by graphic shapes and aerosol spray. Consequently, I aim to present my audience with an uncomfortable understanding of urban anxiety.

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  1. Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers
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