How to Find Freelance Motion Graphic Design Work

A while ago I was interviewd by Freelance Creative Media Alliance on the subject of hiring freelance graphic design staff. I hope this provides some useful pointers to anyone currently searching for freelance work as designers whatever your speciality...

What is your background and what do you do?

I come from a fine art background having studied to degree level and decided to pursue a career in graphic design after graduation. Way back then, receiving briefs and solving other peoples design issues was a greater challenge to me at the time than fulfilling an artistic ambition. I have worked as a designer for print based design facilities on accounts for local and blue chip companies before moving on to motion design within DVD, post production and broadcast industries. I now manage the Graphics dept. for a national UK TV broadcaster where I oversee production of motion graphics for the Promotions dept. and all graphics for live production.

What is the process of advertising for a new freelancer?

The process is probably different from other facilities in that our HR dept. will contact the relevant agency direct in the event that we need a freelance motion graphic designer. It is then up to me to decide who we approach. I have a small number of people on file that we’ve used before whom I trust based on talent and attitude. Our HR dept. will then ring the agency and request an individuals’ availability.

How do you choose the best for the job?

Tricky one! If you’ve never used a freelance designer before you need to rely on their reel and online credentials. Of course a great reel is always the first thing a client will view but candidates are nearly always re-booked because they are trusted to do a good job and on their understanding of how a department and their clients operate. A candidate that has freelanced as a motion graphic designer within post production, DVD and broadcast facilities suggests flexibility and good knowledge of how these different environments work.

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