Smalls Brief

Final year Graphic Design student Adam Morten is creating quite an impression. His project 'Smalls' involves requesting a brief from those working in the creative industry. The only constraint to these briefs is that they are small, no longer than 140 characters in length and define a time frame to be completed in, either 1, 6 or 24 hours. Once receiving the brief, it will be entered into his online calendar.
He has already gained attention from Creative Review for this project in addition to receiving briefs from the likes of The Chase, Love and The Partners.

Briefs have included challenges such as 'Get famous by any means necessary', 'Invent a new colour' and 'Tell the world you don't exist'. With this in mind I decided to send my own brief:
'Make the bankers accept responsibility (24 hrs)' which I'm delighted to say has been entered into Adams calendar for Fri 22nd April.

Looking forward to his response!

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