Getting My House In Order...

Checking out Alyson B Stanfield's resourceful ArtBizBlog reminded me of a job I've needed to do for ages. Administrative work is rarely fun but if practised little and often can mean an artist/designer/illustrator actually spends more time in the studio.
In my case, using captions under each painting and print that I've published here, on my Facebook page and on my portfolio site mean my audience has a clear understanding of name, size, medium and year of production in addition to looking more professional. One master document is all I need to copy and paste into these platforms.
It's not rocket science but a small spring clean goes a long way when adding more works to your portfolio in the future.

Marc Lawrence, The Sun in September, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x70x4cm, ©2011

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  1. Good work, Marc. I'm mostly concerned about giving yourself credit for the work you do. And, someone might have THE perfect spot for your work and wonder if it's the right size. Without the credit line, they wouldn't know.

    I think it will become second nature after awhile.